19 Things We Hate About Wedding Season

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1. Assigned seating

This is an archaic system that should’ve been excommunicated from the wedding world decades ago, but because the parents paying for the wedding think general seating will create chaos on an already chaotic day, it still exists.  Now you might be lucky and be attending a wedding where you’re one of a group of friends from college or something, in which case you’ll likely be at the “college table”. But if you fall into the “random friend” category, it’s likely you’ll end up at the table with the only three married couples who brought their insane kids.  That, or it’ll be you and the cousins from Paraguay who don’t speak English and judge you for eating your roll. 

2. If you’re single, NOT being given “and guest”

This is the worst, especially if you don’t know many people at the wedding and are…

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I’m Getting Married, Yet I Still Hate Weddings

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Two years ago, I won a prize at a Trivia Night in Edinburgh, Scotland after naming my team “All of my friends are getting married, and I’m just getting drunk.” My life plan barely spanned past my college graduation and included lots of travel and copious career choices that all made “saving the world” and “destitute” synonymous. I dismissed the Pinterest board “My Wedding!” to save space for “Insatiable Traveler,” “Future Adventures across the US,” and “Future Bartending Skills.”

At twenty-three, only at the beginning of my twenty-somethings, I have managed to traverse across 30 countries, 5 continents, and 4 wonders of the world. I took culinary courses in Italy, Bollywood dance classes in the north of India, and even escaped possible arrest at immigration in Costa Rica upon returning from the World Cup in Brazil. I managed to find an entry-level nonprofit job that helps me save the…

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The Importance Of Class And The Modern Woman

James Michael Sama

If you have spent any time on this website before, you are aware that there are hundreds of articles discussing how modern men conduct ourselves, and how we can all work to become better and do better.

What you will see substantially less of, is discussions about the modern woman and the very real, but under-addressed issue that an ambitious, mature, self-aware man will only be interested in a woman he can see as an equal and one who is on “his level” mentally and emotionally.


Many people have called me out on my seemingly one-sided conversations of the genders, so I am resurrecting some old ideas into a new article here.

I often think about the years I had spent in the “club scene” before I finally lost interest in it. I think about the party girls of our generation. I think about the constant Facebook statuses I see pop…

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21 Signs The Woman You’re Dating Is A Keeper

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1. She doesn’t feel the need to check in with you at every second of the day to see where you are — partially because she trusts you (as trust is kind of important in any relationship) but also because she has stuff to do, too, and she’s going to spend her time accordingly.

2. She carries her own bags if she’s strong enough to do so, not just for the arm workout, but because those things in her arms — from the money in her wallet to the bags she’s hefting — are things she earned with her hard work.

3. She understands that though it’s nice when you open a door for her, it is in no way something we are expected to do in modern society — and she can open doors, both literally and metaphorically, for herself.

4. She refuses to apologize for her body, or change its…

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7 Things All Women Want In A Relationship

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Men and women are at an emotional stalemate.

We feel something’s lacking in our relationships. The majority of men aren’t able to penetrate their women fully, nor are women fully opening to their men.

Women aren’t opening because men aren’t giving them what they need. Women feel disappointed and resentful; they are suffering. When women suffer, and they feel like they aren’t being seen, they close off to their men.

Fortunately, you can learn the right tools to be able to more fully penetrate your woman. You can give your partner what she needs, allowing her to feel seen so that she will open again.

Take the time to read through these needs. Let them sink in. Understanding what you can do to help your partner fully open will not only improve your relationship, but it will improve your entire life.

Here are the seven things that all women…

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5 Things You Should Know About Strong Women

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image - Flickr / ►►haley image – Flickr / ►►haley

1. Strong women cry

Strong women may seem tough, but they also need to cry. There are moments that they are vulnerable and they won’t show it to other people. Only the four corners of their room will see just how fragile strong women can be. But being the strong women that they are, they will manage to get up in the morning and face another day.

2. Strong women need help

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Strong women need someone to whom she can look to for support. It’s not everyday they can handle things on their own. There are days that they get tired of being strong. They need someone who will make them feel that it is okay to be not okay for a little while. They need someone who will simply hug them and will make them feel that they are not alone…

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21 Signs You Have A Great Boyfriend

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Happy Endings: Seasons 1 & 2Happy Endings: Seasons 1 & 2

1. He is your number one fan. He is the first one to congratulate you when you passed all your subjects. He makes the layout of your tarpaulin when you were awarded as cum laude. He delivers the news to everyone when you win a certain contest. He may not carry cheerleading pompoms, but you he makes you feel that you are a superstar.

2. Even during your losing moments, he will still be very proud of you. He will cheer you up and tell you you’re still the best even though you failed to achieve an award you were aiming for or got defeated on a competition. Even if you feel like a pathetic loser, he will make you feel like a winner.

3. He does not fail to text and call you. Whether they are “good morning” and “good night” messages, or…

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