A Simple Text

It’s funny how a little text can morph into something so big… it can start a relationship, it can end one, it can cause hours of worry, it can turn a bad day into a good one.  All with a few characters and a press of the send button.

It’s also quite disturbing how the lack of a reply to a text can make a girl analyze, worry, audit all of her actions.  Men– you might not realize how much can come from a delayed reply to a text your girl sends you, but I promise you– she’s anxious to hear back from you and every hour you don’t reply she’s wondering more and more what she did wrong.

A good morning beautiful text is a nice to wake up to, but it’s the replies to those loaded texts she’s already nervous to send that mean the most.  Did she just tell you she’s glad y’all are more than friends now? Excited to see you on Friday night?  I understand you might not know how to reply, but reply. Always reply… even if a smiley face is all you can muster.  How hard is it to hit two buttons and send on your phone? 😉 — Send.

Texts can mean too much and they can bend things out of shape.  But sometimes a text can put the smile on her face and the hope back in her heart.


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