Dear Future Boyfriend… I’ve Got My Own World

Dear Future Boyfriend,

I know you want to offer me the world and pull me into yours, but don’t.  I’ve got my own life and my own world.  In an ideal world you’ll keep your world, I’ll keep my world and where they overlap we will build our world.  Most men don’t understand that, they have been taught that women drop their lives and identities to merge with their boyfriends– but I’m not most women and this isn’t 1953.

Keep your friends and hobbies and I’ll keep my girls and my interests.  It’s where they merge that our world together exists.  When I hangout with your friends, making them my own… when you join me and my firends and even begin to call them your own.  When you share your hobbies with me and I teach you about my interest.  It’s the place where we meet new people and try new things together— that’s the world you can offer me.

I’m looking forward to seeing what that world holds, because I’ve already got my own and I have no need for the one you are offering.

Love Always,

Southern Yet Single


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