Do You Understand?

I’m taking a moment to look through Pinterest and this image appears…. it makes me wonder, do guys really get that?  I feel like as soon as you give up, move on and are okay with that– here they come, realizing everything they could have had.

So I’ve got to ask, gentlemen, do you understand that while a girl will wait and understand– that she won’t wait forever?  There’s a limit to what we’ll put up with, what we will take as hope that one day you’ll realize we are standing right in front of you.  One day we will move on and then another day we will fall for someone else– do you understand that when you see me happy with someone else, that could have been you?

I’m just asking you to picture that moment, me and another man holding hands, talking and laughing– being happy together, before you don’t call, before you don’t text.

I understand where things are headed, but do you?


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