Nice Girls Finish Last?

The saying goes, “Nice Guys Finish Last.” But where do nice girls finish?

After a recent conversation with a friend who I dated in college… I was told that I need to “stop being so nice.”

Immediately this quote came to mind:

I shared this concept of being “too nice” with a friend– and it hit us.  We couldn’t name a single bitchy/mean/not so nice girl that ever stayed single long… and why shouldn’t we have realized that? How many of us girls pick the jerk over the nice guy every time? Almost all of us.

So what does a “nice” girl do?  I can’t just start acting hateful and bitchy to every guy I like, that’s what boys did in second grade on the playground, right?  Maybe it’s a balancing act… don’t sugar coat as much, don’t race to “make everything better.”  Sometimes just say “I’m sorry” instead of “I wish I could help, please let me know what I can do.”  Maybe it’s not about not being nice, but about not being so nice they are afraid to break you?

Does anyone have thoughts on a girl who is “too nice?”


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