Two Views To Everything

I had an argument with a male-friend this morning and I realized.  So often we see things from our views only.  We don’t even try to see things from the others perspectives or thing about what they are going through– sometimes we even know what they are feeling or dealing with, but get blinded by the fact that we didn’t get our way.

I began to interpret this into relationships…

It’s no wonder so often things don’t work in relationships. We don’t think about the other’s views or feelings on a subject and then we get passionate and headed to defend our stance, we end up attacking the others views.

There are always some issues that can’t be compromised on, I’m not saying compromise on everything.  But are there things you can compromise on?  Even if there aren’t– what if you step back before passion takes over, think about the others thoughts and reply and discuss the issue with that in mind.  Even if you don’t agree, if you are discussing instead of attacking– I promise things will be better.

Even if you can’t always agree to disagree or meet in the middle… maybe you can at least make sure you are looking at the same page in the same book?  It’s okay if you take a different meaning from the words on the page.


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