What I’m Doing Wrong Research: Initial Findings

After realizing that it really is something i’m doing wrong in relationships, I decided to ask my close guy friends and guys I’ve tried dating before what it is that makes me “undateable” or makes a guy lose interest…

Here are some initial thoughts:

  • I’m too nice (Not a challenge enough)
  • I’m a spaz (Making the little things into big deals)
  • I’ve tried dating guys who weren’t ready for a relationship, nothing I could have done would have made them ready
  • I don’t want to get married– ever
  • I don’t want to have kids–ever
  • I’m too organized (it’s intimidating and takes some of the spontaneity out of things)

More to come after I learn more and have time to mentally process the findings!

Do any of you have any thoughts on what women do wrong in relationships?


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