Marriage or Happiness…

“In one ear and out the other.”‘ “He never takes out the trash.” “She doesn’t get why I need a night out.” “I’d have to ask my husband/wife.”

I hear statements like this constantly at my office, the flurries of messages stating annoyance with spouses or the lack of freedom that comes with the ball and chain.  Then I’m told I don’t understand because I’m single when I ask why they don’t choose another reaction or why they don’t confront the situation.

I think it’s married people who don’t understand.  They’ve forgotten what it’s like to think for themselves for so long the don’t know how.  Really, after 18 years you are just now annoyed at him not taking out the trash?  You could look the other way for 17, but now it’s annoying?  I can tell you if he hasn’t taken out the trash for 17 years– telling him once isn’t going to be enough to get him to do it every time… human beings are in ruts and that was never part of the routine before!

As I sit here listening to the rants and complaints of those who are married I wonder what could be said for single life— yes, I’d like to have someone there unconditionally, but if getting that means giving up freedom to do as I please, having to ask permission for purchases made with my own money and forgetting how to be happy? I’ll gladly give that up.

Love is one thing, but without happiness– what is life?


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