Good Guys With Broken Hearts

Believe it or not there are a finite amount of good guys out there.  Or, there were.

There are a few men out there who want to hold your hand in public, want to surprise you with little notes to make you smile, want to be the reason you smile, etc.  However, this number is constantly shrinking.  Why?  Because they get attached and girls lead them on, break their hearts and crush their will to be a good guy. Society keeps telling these guys that girls want the jerk, the bad boy, the asshole– so when they get hurt, that’s what they give us.  They become shut off and unreachable– the prime example of the unattainable jerk we all “ask for.”  There’s one problem with this reformed good guy… every now and then he slips and his true self shows, the nice guy that gives us hope things will be different.  Makes us think we have a chance at something real and good. Then he remembers the pain a former girlfriend unleashed on him– and he becomes that jerk again.

So I beg you, ladies, if you are to meet one of these rare good guys– don’t break his heart. Even if you aren’t interested in him that way, there’s another girl out there praying for him night and day– and you toying with his heart and emotions might break him so that when she does find him– he’s no longer the guy she prayed for.  He’s scared and a good guy with a broken heart.


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