Why All of the Drama?

There’s been a lot of commotion and drama this week in many relationships around me… so when I saw this image, it made me think…

Why are you wasting your time with the baggage and the drama?  You know you’ll end up with the person you should be with.  You know that God has a plan for you.  So why are we getting so upset by the details and the what if’s and could have beens?

You could instead be out there enjoying your life and your moments, but instead you are choosing to cry and be upset or frustrated because things aren’t how you want them at the moment.  Stop wasting your time– go have fun and live life… don’t worry about the drama, enjoy the moments that make life great!

Also ponder this- the person you end up with may not be your soulmate, your soulmate might be the person who teaches you the most on your journey.  What does it matter if your paths only cross for a short time?


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