The Respect App

I understand that times have changed and we have this constant fear of missing out on something in the world.  We’ve grown used to being connected at all times.  However, we’ve lost how to connect with each other live and in person.  Face-to-face communication has become irrelevant and less important than the people we text, tweet or are looking for updates for on Facebook.

I’m not trying to say  it’s never appropriate to text or be on your phone when around other people.  However, I am saying that if you are spending time hangout out with a friend– the phone needs to be down more often than it’s up.


It comes down to respect.  Do you respect the person you are with?  Do you want to show them that?  Interact with them, not the people you are non-verbally saying are more important than they are.  FYI– if you aren’t aware, by focusing on the people texting you, you are saying to the friend you are with “This person is more important than you, I respect them and not you, to be honest I’d rather talk to them than you.”

So download the respect app and put the phone away, spend time with the people who have made time for you.


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