Is the title really the most important thing?

After an outing with friends this weekend I started picking up on a few hints people were giving around the table.  People were giving the guy I was with hints that he and I might as well just be a couple, jokingly calling me “___’s girl” the entire night and asking if I’ve got his lavalier yet… People were giving crap to another friend about how he hasn’t proposed to his girlfriend on-and-off for about five-years now, including the girlfriend.

I started wondering– how important are the titles really?

Take for example the guy I was with… he and I agreed to casually date because he isn’t in the place for a serious relationship.  (I admit, I’ not really sure what the difference between casual dating and other types are.)  We text throughout the week, we go to dinners, we hangout and watch movies on lazy nights, we have cuddle time and as I noticed on this outing with friends– he isn’t afraid to put his arm around me, hold my hand, etc– and he also doesn’t feel the need to correct people when they refer to me as “—–‘s girl.”  That being said, I might not be labeled his girlfriend– but should that really matter?

I think back to a friend who dated her now husband for almost a year before he’d put the official title on their relationship and say they were girlfriend/boyfriend… and look how that turned out? I also remember a couple of friends of mine who dated for nine years before getting engaged, eleven before a wedding took place… if they didn’t need the title of engaged– why do you?  I also think of couples who pressure and rush relationships, the getting to the title and the begging for a ring… and I feel as though so few of them really work out.

So, I’ll ask again… what’s in a title and is it really that important?


One thought on “Is the title really the most important thing?

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