The Relationship Speedway

The Michigan Speedway is noted for having the fastest “modern day” race times due to it’s super smooth surface– the fastest speed recorded being 203.241 MPH.  Today, it seems like everyone is trying to reach that speed with relationships.

Knowing each other immediately leads to dating, which immediately leads to commitment and marriage.  What happened to friendship and courtship and dating progressing into going “steady” and engagements?  What’s the rush?  People are living longer than they ever have before, yet we are more in a rush to skip the parts of life that we actually live though.  We are hurrying from end to end and not enjoying the processes and journeys that get us there.

When was the last time you looked up at the stars or watched the clouds move in the sky or smelled the flowers?  I’m guessing it’s been a while, because our generation is in too much of a hurry rushing from one thing to another– especially relationships.

People tend to get “used” to being in a relationship, so when it ends they don’t take the time to move on, they just jump into a new one. Then they rush into the physical aspects because they are “used” to sleeping with someone and “used” to always having someone there.  Get out of the comfort zone– stop doing things because you are “used” to them!

Slow down, try new things!  On the relationship speedway, go 5mph instead of 203.241 and turn right sometimes instead of always going left– you might end up somewhere great!


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