Casual Dating– Is it real?

I was approached by someone not quite ready to move into a relationship, with good reasons, about causally dating.  At first I thought this was going to be a big issue and I’d end up heartbroken, because I didn’t want to casually date this guy– I wanted a real relationship.  To be honest, it’s too early to tell how it’s working, but I’ve got some initial thoughts.

We aren’t causally dating.  We are dating without a title.

I say this, because:

  • We each are only dating each other.
  • We go on dates.
  • We hold hands, he puts his arm around me, etc in public and around his friends.
  • We text throughout the week.
  • We hangout on weekends together
  • He texts me when he’s drunk.
  • We have plans for the semi-not-so-near-future.

Umm… last I checked, all that was dating?  The only thing not going on here is a line on Facebook saying “In a Relationship with—” and introductions that start “This is my boyfriend/girlfriend….”

Casual dating, I thought it was possible– but I’m learning, it’s really just a relationship without the pressure from within, only pressure from society.


One thought on “Casual Dating– Is it real?

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