Hit Me Like A Brick Wall

This morning I was reading my usual news sites, catching up on weekend news and I saw this post– “Figuring It Out: Stop Taking Dating Advice” and wow– it stopped me in my tracks.

Single Girls, Stop taking dating advice.

I’ve recently been happy where things are with me and the guy I’m seeing– we are just being us, taking things slow and casual.  Granted, I do feel like they are more of a relationship then the “casual dating” he and I discussed– but who said we can’t make up our own rules.  That’s when this article hit me.  I’m beyond happy where things are with this guy and at the risk of sounding like a typical girl– I think we could work out for a while– not to rush things though, but the only times I start questioning it and second guessing his feelings and intentions are when other people question it.

I’m tired of hearing casual dating is a cop out or an excuse to date other girls– cause guess what people, neither of us are dating other people.  This article was just what I needed to hear– to stop worrying about how others feel about he and I and where we stand.  I need be happy and trust my gut and where God is leading me…

I hope you take a moment to read this article on The Everygirl and gain some insight from it too.


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