Dear Future Boyfriend… I Could Easily Be Wrapped Around Your Finger

Dear Future Boyfriend,

While there are some thing you could do that would have me head over heels mad for you… there are some little things that can get me undeniably wrapped around your finger too.

Just to make it easier on you, here are a few hints. (A list that will hopefully help other men with their girls too)

Big Things:

  • Take me to eat at the Be Our Guest Restaurant
  • Walk with me under the oaks at Oak Alley Plantation
  • Wait for me as I finish a half marathon with something that will make me forget how bad my body feels (hugs, kisses, flowers, a poster)
  • Fill my truck bed with pillows and star-gaze with me
  • Teach me about something you are interested in (If you dirt bike, teach me… if you like hockey, teach me)

Small Things:

  • Send me good morning or good night texts at random
  • Change your profile picture on Facebook to one of us
  • Hold my hand in public
  • Go to church with me
  • Kiss me hello and goodbye

If you ever do any of these things, big or small– just know it’ll make me fall deeper for you, yes, but the reason I’m yours is because of who you are.

Love always,
Your Future Girlfriend


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