Why Try If He Isn’t That Into You?

I try to keep the thoughts of others out of my head and I try to keep others opinions from making me over analyze situations.  But, let’s be real– I’m only human so that doesn’t work as easily as I’d hope.

However, after a conversation with a friend got under my skin recently I started thinking.  (Basically the conversation alluded to the fact that this guy who won’t but a title on our relationship isn’t really that into me)  But before you say thinking isn’t good– hear me out.

What if he isn’t as into me as his actions claim?

  • Does the fact that he isn’t as into me as he acts negate the fact that I’m happy with him? NOPE.
  • Does him not being so into me change that he makes me smile when he tests me? No.
  • Does it change the fact that we have fun together? Not really.
  • Does it change that I’m enjoying things how they are? Definitely Not.

So what does it change?  I can’t seem to think of anything…

Yes… I may get hurt, but that’s a risk I’d have regardless of his feelings– even if he is head over heels.  The thing is– he may not be that into me, but he may very well be.

Why turn and run on the chance he isn’t when there’s a greater likelihood that he is?


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