A Beautiful Reminder– Someone Worth Waiting For.

I admit it, this morning I was slightly frustrated that everyone and their mother seemed to be in a new relationship after the holiday weekend and I still wasn’t.  But as perfect of timing as ever, I was reminded that “Someone worth having is someone worth waiting for.”

Yes, I know there will be times I’m inpatient and unsure why we aren’t together– but I think I can easily calm down and remind myself that he’s someone I’m willing to wait for.  The guy I’m talking to has had his heart broken before and takes relationships seriously, so I should be glad he’s taking his time– because if we do really start a relationship, I’ll know it’s something real and not just another relationship in a long line of relationships.

I also saw tons of engagements over the weekend involving the words “finally” and “about time”… is that really the way you want to look at you’re engagement?  Something you had been waiting for?  Rethink it ladies, look at your engagements as a happy thing, not as something that you’ve been waiting on like Christmas  or that you “got over” like your annual review.

Just ask yourself this… is he worth waiting for?


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