Quotes that Take Your Breathe Away

Maybe it’s my ties to all things anchor-related or maybe it’s because I’ve been fighting so hard to stay calm and on the ground while my hopes and heart have been trying to fly to the clouds– but I saw this quote and stopped in my tracks.

Isn’t that what we want in life?  We want to stay put on the ground while imagining greatness.  More than that– we want that experience with someone else and hope that they want it with us too.

There’s nothing wrong with sailing through the sky when our hearts and hopes are rising, but we need to stay tied to the earth in case things don’t work out as planned so that the fall doesn’t hit us with a full impact.  This quote took my breathe away because it embodied so much that has been in my mind and heart lately, but summed it up into one little sentence.

What quotes speak to you and stop you from breathing?

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