Relationships– A Canyon.

Lately I’ve been trying to be a better version of myself.

That means a different thing daily, but one thing that has been involved in that process is strengthening those relationships that make me- me. The relationships that over time have molded me and shaped me– the ones who have challenged me, helped me to rise up, taught me to bend and so much more.  Much like a river can transform a valley into a work of art like a canyon– I feel like God places friends in our lives to transform each of us into the work of art that we are.

I’ve realized through a long-distance friend that while all of the moments in a friendship might not have been easy or beautiful, in the end something amazing is created.  A bond that can’t be broken and two pictures that couldn’t look the same without the other.  A river needs a canyon as much as the canyon needs the river so to speak– one to carve the other and the other to house the other.

A huge thank you to my friend for being my river and helping to cut away at my rougher edges and always being there with your constant love and support, and for always looking for the start of something beautiful in my own life– even when I haven’t been looking.

I hope you all have a friend who is either the river to your canyon or who you are the river to theirs.


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