Stop Asking Me Why I’m Still Single

Thought Catalog

Dear Mom, friend who recently got engaged, cat calling guy standing behind me at Chase bank, Rabbi who I recently saw at Yom Kippur services, among others:

Stop asking me why I’m still single.

As if being single is something to be so massively ashamed of that I might as well wear a t-shirt that says someone who loves me very much went to Paris and got me this shirt because I’m still single. Or a crime.

Who would have thought? Not finding anyone worthy of sharing the other half of a love seat with you while you feed each other fried artichoke hearts and laugh like chipmunks over Modern Family is worthy of doing time in the state penitentiary?

You say it like there’s something seriously wrong with me; something that’s been accumulating for a while and I didn’t work hard enough to prevent, like gingivitis. It’s as if you’re…

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