Why Do We String It Out?

As women, why do we string things out?  It’s clear he’s not that into you– yet we find ways to make it work in our minds.  He tells you he wants to be friends, you’ve got another prospect– yet we feel the need to tell him? Why?  Why string things out when they don’t need to be?

For example, I have a friend who was friendzoned by a guy, then when another man wanted to hangout with her– she asked me if she should tell the first guy she’s going to act like they are just friends now.  NO!  He clearly knows y’all are just friends.  

In women’s minds so many times, it’s not as cut and dry– so we assume that the man feels the same.  He wants to be friends, so leave it there.  Dragging it out and telling him about this other guy is a futile attempt to make him jealous and makes you look all desperate to cling on.  You might not want the second guy and still be begging for another chance with the first– but ignore that feeling and let the friendzoned guy go.


6 thoughts on “Why Do We String It Out?

  1. It’s the instinctual mind, there’s no logic in it. It’s very primal, and it’s in your mind and not in your heart. The knowing of the heart will instinctively go to the guy that has the interest, and not the one who just wants to be friends. The instinctual mind is also a byproduct of the ego, and has a tendency when not kept in check, to create incredible dysfunction in our lives.
    Blessings to you… and march on brave one.

  2. The reason I ask is when you said you wanted the one you couldn’t have, that’s a statement that is often said by someone who gets restless in a relationship. Now, I say this without judgement, it’s just something for you to look at.

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