The Power of an Intention.

Anyone who’s ever been to yoga before knows what an intention is (okay and some others), but for those of you who don’t know.  An intention is ” a promise you make to yourself about what you intend to do, be, say, etc.  An intention is a way to put positive thinking and desires into action” and you are typically asked to make one before each yoga practice.

I’ve set many intentions– but I’ve never set one and reflected on it throughout my yoga practice– until Monday night that is.  WOW it changes things!  Not only was my practice more strong and powerful that night, my attitude has been in these days following it.

I’ve been calmer and more relaxed, my workouts have been more focused, my work has been at a higher level– everything have been more empowered.  Even the overanalyzing things with the BIEBN has been drastically reduced.  

How can an intention do all of this? Because I realized in my heart at yoga that if I was meant to get to the place where the intention can become reality– I will.  Setting that intention has put it into motion to occur and I’ve finally allowed myself to believe in that intention.  

What’s your intention?


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