8 Reasons Why Intelligent And Financially Stable People Don’t Want Kids

Entirely true! Proof of this can be seen all over the world, the intelligent couples are stocked on birth control and spending their money on their nice things– not saving for a baby!

Thought Catalog

Now, I am by no means claiming that all people in this category don’t want children, but a strong majority fit the bill. I also, cannot speak to the cultural norms of young adults in other countries, but having had these conversations with friends both West and East Coast located, I can speak confidently about the American dynamic (and likely the Canadian one). I don’t have any middle American opinions to weigh on, but stereotypes suggest they don’t meet the title criteria anyway.

To qualify my opinions, I’ll give a little background on myself. I am a 25-year-old female who got her bachelors at 20 (via her own funding) and bought her own house at 22. I have no debt other than my mortgage, yet I own a nice car, have a fully furnished home, and travel outside of the country on vacation about twice a year. I will confidently…

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