Dear Future Boyfriend, I Can’t Make You Move On

Dear Future Boyfriend,

I know you haven’t moved on from the past yet.  I know you still think about your ex, you still love her.  But I also know you care about me and I know those two things don’t mix.

I can’t make you move on, but I can’t say I don’t pray every night that you will.  I hate that you still love her and I hate even more that she broke your heart in such a way that it’s not mending yet.

I can only promise that I’ll be here for you.  I can promise that I won’t break your heart like she did.  I can promise that I’ll risk my heart for you.  I can also promise that loving her will only hurt you more– the longer you hold on.

I wish I could make you move on, but I can’t. Till then, I’ll be praying that you let go and learn to love again.

Love Always,

Your future girlfriend


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