Haunted By Ghosts of Girlfriends Past…and I don’t mean the movie

It’s like I’m being haunted by a girl I spoke to maybe once… She broke his heart and tried to turn an amazing guy into an asshole. His actions are still defined by how the relationship ended and his being haunted by her actions is haunting me.  I want him to jump and fall and take a chance on us– but because the memories of that heartbreak are haunting him still and feel so real, hecan’t.  I get that– I truly to.  But how can he let the memories of an ex-girlfriend stand in the way of future adventures? How long is he going to hold on to the pain?

Every time we start getting closer and things seem like they are finally going to move to the next level– she sneaks into his mind, reminding him of that pain, that heartbreak…. Every time we take a few steps forward her memory sneaks in and pushes us back.  She’s like the ghost moving things around while we sleep, but she’s moving us around instead.

I’d do anything to be able to call the Ghostbusters or an exorcism or whatever magical practice rids your house of the demons that haunt you… but instead I have to be patient and pray that one day you’ll be open to the idea of falling again.  Not only that, but I have to pray that you’d be open to falling for me…



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