19 Signs You Are Ready For A Relationship

Clearly, I’m ready!

Thought Catalog

1. You are not still holding onto the remnants of an old relationship, even if that just means occasionally reading old messages because there is still a part of you that wishes you were back in that moment.

2. When people around you are getting married or engaged, you don’t feel bitter or resentful for them, you feel happy and — though you might want the same thing in your own life — aren’t consumed with envy by it.

3. There is a clear idea in your mind of the qualities you do and do not want in someone, and you have the conviction to say “no” to people with whom you know it won’t work out in the long term.

4. You are fulfilled in your friendships and know that they are a good circle of affirmation for you, because one person can’t be everything you need in your…

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