Only The Good Die Young

This week I heard the news, that again a car accident has taken the life of one of my friends.  Both times the men who lost their lives on the interstate were two of the sweetest, most caring men you could have ever met.  Both were too young to have enjoyed their lives– touched everyone they could have.

I’m reminded of the line in a Kenny Chesney song where he slows down and says “Only the good die young, stops me in my tracks.” And I’m stopped.  We strive to be good, but what if the curse of truly achieving that is a life cut short?

Neither of my friends were able to fall in love, get married, start a family, see where their careers were meant to take them, travel the world or grow old.  The touched many lives and people from all over will always remember them both for their smiles and kindheartedness– but they are looking down on us now, seeing us live the lives they’ll never get to.  Are they jealous? Angry?  

I’m going to do my best to live–truly live for them.  They didn’t get to live their full lives, so I want to make the most of mine in honor of them.

I’ll miss you both so much.  Rest in peace.


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