Maybe I’m reading too much into the little things, constantly searching for a sign that I’m doing the right thing following my heart instead of sheltering it… but I can’t help but see coincidences everywhere.

Last night in a conversation with a friend, I was told not to stop caring so much– it’s a good thing.  This was not the first time recently that I had heard a comment about how I’m the type of person who gives too much, cares so fervently and loves selflessly.  

That got me thinking about all of these comments…

I wonder how I can continue to care so much, even though I’ve been let down, hurt and disappointed so many times before?  I especially wonder this when I’m caring for someone who has been let down, hurt and disappointed many times also– yet he has walls built up to protect him from it happening again.

Is it a coincidence or is the only way to break through the walls of heartbreak with someone who has been there, yet has only bridges?  

Which is stronger– hope or fear?  That’s what it comes down to.  I care so much because I have hope that one day someone will care enough to not disappoint, to protect instead of hurting, to love instead of leaving.  He fears letting those guards down, while I fear putting them up.  

It may be another coincidence, but I think it’s an opposites attract and a part of God’s plan.  


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