Facebook Status: Single

I’ve never minded my Facebook relationship status of single– it was just a fact “About Me.”  However, today a friend asked me “So are y’all official yet?” and I merely had the Facebook answer- No, I’m still single.

But I’m not really!  I’m taken in my mind and in the way I feel, we are together, but not officially.  Thus, I understand the “it’s complicated” status on Facebook– even though I’d never dare to make my status that.  I also began hating the word single at that very moment.  

I don’t need to be in an official relationship to know how the guy cares about me or that we are headed that way, so why does this status on a social media site upset me so much?  Is it because it doesn’t begin to tell the truth or the whole story or is it because I really truly want it to say “In a Relationship with________ __________?” 


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