I’ve Been Wrong My Entire Life

After a conversation with a friend about him and his girlfriend– after many others, I’ve realized–I’ve been wrong my entire life, no wonder I’ve basically always been single.  This has also left me minimal hope that this will be changing in the future.

Guys actually want the clingy girls. MIND BLOWN.

They want to date the girls who get jealous, who pick arguments over tiny things.  They want the girls who pressure the relationship and wheedle their way into their lives.  Men want the girls who change their thoughts and actions and lives.

I have been under the impression men wanted girls who fit into their lives, who made them better and enhanced them.  But no, men want girls who make them scared to mess up.

No wonder couples are usually so unhappy and always complaining about their significant other.  It’s also no wonder why I’ve been single and will most likely stay this way.  


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