Thank You Society.

I’d like to thank society and our culture for all of the over thinking and pressures that come with a relationship.

You see. I’m in a titleless relationship.  We are exclusively not together, and I’m okay with that.  He’s had a rough past with relationships and wants the next one he gets into to be real– I get that, but no one else seems to.  They tell me that if he wanted to be with me, he would be.  But I see that we are together, what does the title of girlfriend really change?

Add in the constant asking “are you official yet” and I start worrying that we never will be, that we are going to keep dating and being happy– but that’ll be it.  Granted, what does it matter?  If everyone knows we are together and we know we are together– why does he have to be my boyfriend?

I’d like to thank society for constantly asking me and constantly making me worry and wonder if he’s really into me or if he’s just confused or whatever.  I know that he likes me and that this is headed somewhere, but the constant questioning and making me feel like it’s not real if it’s not on Facebook– that makes me wonder and question.  PLEASE STOP.

Thank you.


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