The Most Wonderful Time of Year.

Do  you smell it? Or maybe you can feel it in the air.  I notice it in the little goosebumps on my arms and by the smile on my face… football season has begun.

It’s a magical time of year to be Southern and in the South.  Rivalry are renewed and you can have full conversations with strangers merely because they are wearing the same team colors as you.  The grills are filled with new propane tanks, the fridge is loaded with beer, new koozies are waiting to be stretched and dresses are yet to be covered in stains.  It’s an exiting and magical time– so much hope and promise for the season.

No wonder that it’s the time when many fall in love, just life the leaves on the trees. Something about the playful banter between a couple who doesn’t see eye to eye on the right team is just so cute, and you can see it in her face she loves him picking on her and he loves to do it.  Something about the couple who walks hand in hand to the stadium wearing the same team colors and cheering the same team on to victory– even if they aren’t meant to be, it gives us all a little hope.

I wish you all luck this football season, both on the field and in love.


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