5 ways men destroy relationships (and cheating aint one of em)

I needed a reminder of some of these things today! Sometimes things aren’t really anything, but a sign that he’s comfortable.


I LIVE-i-CATE this post to my homie and comrade, Gee Jordan.  His post entitled “5 ways women destroy relationships” inspired me.  Love ya’ man!!!

We are women.  We love men.  How they look, how they’re built, what they smell like (even after working hard all day or having just stepped out of the shower).  Their confidence, their strength and how they can make our bodies scream with ecstasy in the bed.  Shyt!  But sometimes, yes at times, they are like alien creatures to we women and most difficult to figure out.  This can have a negative effect on any relationship they ever have.  Here are a few things they could possibly do to mess some things up, including getting cut off in the bedroom…

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