Dear Future Boyfriend… God Gave Me You, He’ll Guide Me To You

Dear Future Boyfriend,

As I sit here listening to Blake Shelton’s “God Gave Me You” I realize that not only has he put you on this Earth to spend life with me and vice versa, he’ll make sure that he guides me to you also.

God didn’t put two people who were meant to be together on this planet in hopes we’d find each other at some point.  He laid out our lives full of trials and tests and triumphs so that when our paths cross, not only do we find each other– we are ready to be the person the other one needs to be whole.  Maybe our paths will cross several times, maybe they will cross once, but I’m confident that the paths will become a larger road together when God plans it.

That makes me sure that not only did God give me you for every reason and more that Blake mentions in the song, but also that he’ll guide each of us to the other and at the right time that our paths are meant to merge and become a road instead of merely splitting off again.

Love Always,

Your Future Girlfriend


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