Just Not Ready

As always, I seem to find an image that captures what’s on my mind.  (Yes, I know it’s because I’m subconciously looking for answers)


What if I’m falling for him thinking he just needs more time, but in reality he’s just not ready?  I don’t mean like days away from being ready. But can this guy be the right guy at the wrong time?

I’ve always believed in God’s timing and that he has a greater plan, but I’ve known this guy for about six years— is it possible that all along he’s been the right person, but the wrong time?  Or is it the right time and the wrong person?  I barely noticed this guy at first, we were distant friends who barely acknowledged each other, now we don ‘t go a day without talking…

So many questions and all I know is that I’m falling and he isn’t quite ready to catch me.


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