Focusing on the WRONG Little Things

Have you ever started to spot the little things and dissect their every possible meaning Sure, we all have.  But what if we are focusing on the wrong little things and dissecting the things that aren’t worth it in the first place?  How different and easier would our lives be?

To illustrate this point, here’s an anecdote from my life.

Monday several seeds of doubt started sinking into my mind– Tuesday these seeds of doubt sprouted into full on panic.  I had done something wrong, screwed things up with the guy I’m dating.  Where did these thoughts come from? Sunday night out conversation abruptly ended after I made a joke about future gifts– did that mean he didn’t want to talk about the future? Was I rushing things by referencing gifts?  Monday night we had a very short conversation.  Why wasn’t he wanting to talk a lot like normal? What did I do this weekend to mess things up?

Backing up a bit more– this was after two afternoons and evenings together that were seemingly perfect.  Full of cuddling, joking and football watching– my favorite things. So why was I freaking out and worried?

I was looking at the small things– but the WRONG small things.  I was looking at the short conversations and abrupt stops in them.  I wasn’t looking at the references he made to how ” we should see a show there sometime” or how “do you think we could do that one day?” or how he pondered several things dealing with “us” and “we” and the “future” and “down the road.”

Before you stop and overanalyze and freak out, make sure you are paying attention to all of the small things and not just the daunting ones.


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