6 Signs You Might Be In Love

Thought Catalog

Being 18, I wasn’t sure if I knew what love meant. But I realized that I had a clearer definition of ‘love’ at age 7 than I do now. It’s a word that gets abused a lot, and trampled on, and even neglected. So I’ve compiled a list of clues that might mean you’re in love with someone. This is of course, all completely biased.

1. Do you like how they smell?

Now, you can love someone while also thinking that they smell like a garbage can. But more often than not, the person you love smells…different. It might be their perfume or cologne, or maybe just their skin. It’s something you pick up on only after being close to someone for a while, and then recognize immediately when they’re with you. Smell is also crucial to memory formation, so that’s also why getting a whiff of a random stranger…

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