It’s Time To Stop Expecting Forever Love And Start Living In Sunday Love

Thought Catalog

Maybe if we stopped only seeing people through the filter of what they could someday be and be for us, we’d stop wanting forever love and start to fall in love with the Sunday kind of love. The waking up with your legs intertwined in white sheets with someone you love, but that’s all you know. And that’s all you have to know. Sunday is a day of staying. It’s a day of resolve for all your weekend decisions. You spend it hungover or in the arms of a beautiful stranger. Sundays have an aura of impertinence and passivity. You spend more of the day waiting for Monday, or at least thinking about it, and you don’t have the expectations like you did the night before. You love someone for that day and don’t expect to wake up with you tomorrow, but you love them anyway.

Maybe it’s the culmination…

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