Time To Smell The Roses

It’s been a crazy week for me– ups and downs and lots of time to reflect and think on my life and the people in it.

The week started with the news that a girl from college was in a very bad car accident, one that– frankly– she shouldn’t have survived, but she did and miraculously she’s already recovering from despite serious injuries.  The news of this accident hit many friends hard, but it did a few other things too.  It got us talking.  Some friends that I had lost touch with– we were talking again, sharing news with each other, praying together and even catching up.  Other friends, I was able to realize how hurt and lost I’d be if anything like this accident happened to them. My friends accident reminded me of the importance of people in my life and the love I have for them.  

The week continued with the guy I’m dating making plan for my birthday.  I have never in my life spent a birthday with a guy I’m dating… I have barely spent birthdays with friends.  I’ll be honest– my hopes were already sky high over this guy, but the idea of spending a birthday with him makes them a little higher. To me, it means he really isn’t going anywhere, any that maybe it’s okay to trust that for a while.

All in all this week has reminded me that the beauty is in the little things– not the big things. The world is very fast paced these days, but sometimes– we need to stop. We need to breathe. We need to stop and take a little time to smell the roses and enjoy their beauty.


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