A Year Ago…

This coming weekend will be a year since the day you walked back into my life, but I had no idea that day or even in the weeks following it how important you would soon become to me. That day at a friends wedding I noticed you, we traded phone numbers after discovering we lived near each other and planned to catch up on our recent lives.

Did you know that a year later you’d be referring to me as your significant other and I’d be posting pictures of us on Facebook? Did I have any clue that I’d be talking to my friends about the outfit I bought with the sole purpose of “wowing” you when you took me out to celebrate my birthday?

It’s crazy to me looking back on this past year and how I hadn’t thought of you in years and this past year I’m not sure if a single day has passed without you crossing my mind.

I wonder where we’ll be one year from now…


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