5 Reasons Why The No Label Relationship Never Works

This was not the blog I should have read… This blog might have just opened up a bottle of wonders and questions that I’ve been bottling up and suppressing for the past five months of wondering if we’ll ever be in a labeled relationship or how long this “exclusively not-together” relationship would work.

Cue the overthinking.

Thought Catalog

After getting out of a long-term relationship I’ve found myself in a string of no-label relationships. This relationship no-man’s land lies somewhere between the F.B. (no, not Facebook) and the possessive “You’re my…” Now being a modern women I’ve confronted the situation as I do most others, with the go-getter attitude of “Yeah! Why do we need labels anyway?” or “Of course it’s easier this way!”

Then comes the point where you’ve had back-to-back non-relationship, relationships and you find yourself with ever growing disdain for what seemed like a perfect solution at the time. After in-depth personal research into the topic, here are five reasons why it just never seems to work out:

1. If you’ve decided not to label the relationship it means one or both people involved has some sort of hang-up.

Whether it’s commitment problems, daddy issues, or the unspoken “I’m still not 100% about this one”…

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