Together forever or Doomed to Break Up

I had a terrifying realization this weekend, which is funny that it scares me so much.  I realized that the guy I’m with now– we’ll either be together forever or we’ll have to break up one day.  Even scarier to realize, I determined I was hoping the latter option wouldn’t be the path chosen for us.

I have no idea how things turned out this way, but I can only pray that he feels the same way.  I know it’s early in our relationship, but they say you know within three months– and we’ve been dating for almost seven. 

The question is,now that I’ve realized this– how do I continue keeping things light and casual? Hmm….


You Saw Through Me.

Last night I was texting my boyfriends sister (okay, so we are still only dating– but let’s be real– after almost 7 months, he’s a boyfriend) and she randomly commented on how she has no idea how strong I can be and that I’m one of the strongest people she knows.  I was baffled– how could this girl who I’ve only really known for two weeks say such a thing?

Jokingly, I asked her what she meant– and she mentioned that the way I’ve supported her brother and waited to be with him while he battles the memories of his ex shows I’m stronger than most thing. I was baffled as to how she could see through all of that in such a short time. 

I answered her why it’s easy to wait for him and support him through it– Hope that things will work out, the believe that he’s worth it, the knowledge that he makes me happy and whole.  She was amazed that I could have that much faith. 

Maybe there’s a reason she and I get along so well? Maybe there’s a reason she can see through me and she knows me so well already? But then again… maybe that’s just me trying to get my hopes up that he’s the one for me?