15 Dating Tips For My Future Son

Nathan Hancock

I hope my son is able to check these thoughts out one day about how the 21-year-old version of his dad saw dating. Before marriage, commitment, or serious relationships. Just a dude trying to figure things out, one thing at a time. Here are 15 things I think my unborn son should know about dating, long before he ever starts doing it:

Essential question: Why are you doing this, really? Be real with yourself. Ask yourself this question early and often in dating. Keep yourself in check. Why do you want to take this girl out on a date? If the answer involves you getting temporary thrill and emotional jollies, check out and reevaluate.

Sack up and do it. Potential dates aren’t going to take a number and form a line to your right. As much as every man who ever lived wishes this was the case, it’s not. We live…

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