Why You Need Higher Standards

James Michael Sama

People often tell me that my articles portray unrealistic figures or people, who don’t really exist.

No man can live up to the 10 Ways To Know You’re Dating A True Gentleman, and no woman fills the 10 Ways To Know Your Woman Is A Keeper.

Geeze, nobody? 7 Billion people in the world, and, nobody? 


I know, for myself, I may not always meet the standards that I set for myself, but I can say that I sure as hell try. Nobody is perfect, and perhaps filling every single point in these articles, all the time, is ‘impossible’ – as much as I hate to use that word.

Though, as Vince Lombardi said: Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

You, my friend, deserve someone who will wake up every morning and look you in the eye with the pledge of being the best that they can…

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