One Breathe at a Time.

I used to love this day. It is one of my best friends birthdays.  So why don’t I love it anymore?  He was killed two years ago from five days from now.  

I woke up this morning in an amazing mood, then I remembered what today was… but I’ve realized something.  He’s not gone.  He’s the best guardian angel a girl could ever ask for.  I’ve felt his guidance in many steps the past two years, felt him telling me that things will be okay when I wasn’t sure.

It’s funny that I didn’t remember his birthday, because last night I was having the conversation about how blessed my life has been this year and how much things have changed– almost as if someone was helping me out upstairs.  That all makes sense today.

I’ll miss you forever, but I know you are with me. I’ve just got to miss you and remember you one breathe at a time. I love you.


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