5 Ways To Keep A Keeper

James Michael Sama

In this day and age, good people are hard to find. What’s even harder, is finding a good person who you can connect with intimately, and vice versa.

Gentlemen, when it comes to relationships, we can do better. We have to do better. If we want to be happy, and to make our women happy, we need to step our game up and do what it takes to hold on to a good woman when we do find one.

Needless to say, there are infinite ways to do this, but here are five to start with.


Communicate with her.

Communication is the key to solidifying multiple parts of a relationship. What makes you happy? What are you going through that you need help with? How can your significant other support you?

Men, we are notorious for not expressing our feelings effectively, but how else do you expect to bond and…

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