The Man I Actually Want To Be With

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After reading “The Woman I Actually Want To Be With”, I was surprisingly happy. Honestly, I was hoping for the best, but expecting the worse. I was expecting a column about the perfect woman. I’d say a mix of Barbie and Mrs. Cleaver. Much to my relief, it was contemporary, sweet, and realistic. Yet, there was still something missing. Between the original piece Joseph Rauch was referring to and his very own piece, we still do not have a woman’s perspective. Mind you, I’m not trying to create the next feminist headline. Instead, I’m allowing men to realize since we are not Barbie nor Mrs. Cleaver, we (well, most of us) are not expecting a Ken or Prince Charming.

Basheer TomeBasheer Tome

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I want a man who doesn’t play hard to get. A man who responds to my text message shortly after he reads it, rather…

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