5 Things You Should Know About Strong Women

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1. Strong women cry

Strong women may seem tough, but they also need to cry. There are moments that they are vulnerable and they won’t show it to other people. Only the four corners of their room will see just how fragile strong women can be. But being the strong women that they are, they will manage to get up in the morning and face another day.

2. Strong women need help

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Strong women need someone to whom she can look to for support. It’s not everyday they can handle things on their own. There are days that they get tired of being strong. They need someone who will make them feel that it is okay to be not okay for a little while. They need someone who will simply hug them and will make them feel that they are not alone…

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21 Signs You Have A Great Boyfriend

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Happy Endings: Seasons 1 & 2Happy Endings: Seasons 1 & 2

1. He is your number one fan. He is the first one to congratulate you when you passed all your subjects. He makes the layout of your tarpaulin when you were awarded as cum laude. He delivers the news to everyone when you win a certain contest. He may not carry cheerleading pompoms, but you he makes you feel that you are a superstar.

2. Even during your losing moments, he will still be very proud of you. He will cheer you up and tell you you’re still the best even though you failed to achieve an award you were aiming for or got defeated on a competition. Even if you feel like a pathetic loser, he will make you feel like a winner.

3. He does not fail to text and call you. Whether they are “good morning” and “good night” messages, or…

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