Crazy. Love.

I gained a new life experience this week– one I only thought happened to celebrities and movie characters.  WOW was I wrong.

Out of the blue a guy let me know he was in love with me and that I was the one.  He also let me know that even though I’m happily dating someone else, he wasn’t going away– then it turned crazy.  He began being constantly jealous, contacting me constantly.  Calling and texting continuously, to the point I had to silence my phone and put it away because texts and calls to other people weren’t even possible.  Then the threats began… Letting me know that since I didn’t want to work things out with him, he’d be trying to ruin my job, what my friends thought of me and generally everything he could… TALK ABOUT CREEPY! After another sleepless night last night, I finally think I’m in the clear.  But who knows, what if that’s what he wants me to think?

How can love make you so crazy?  How can you claim to care about someone and yet want them to be hurt or want to be the one hurting them?

I get that rejection hurts, but I still think if I cared so truly about someone– I’d rather them be with the person who they loved and made them happy than try to be with me and make me happy.  Then again, I’ve never gone to the point of crazy…